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Whether you're seeking to improve your golf game, experience the thrill of driving, fill your home with audio, or take your home tech to the next level, Hangout Havens has the perfect solution for you. We assist with every step from design and implementation, to post install training and support.


We partner with the best companies in the business to provide reliable hardware that maximizes fun, hones your skills, and provides incredible realism. Regardless of your budget, we have a solution that you’ll love! We excel at taking your vision and making it a reality.


Whether it’s a stand alone simulator or a fully immersive space, we have the know how to construct your dream. With so many options available, it’s extremely helpful to have a partner that can guide you in the right direction and deliver results.


Our pricing and customer service are top notch. We make it a smooth, easy, and fun process from start to finish. Our goal is to let you focus on what you do best while we do what we do best, deliver an incredible experience.


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carl's place dealer in dc

simulators that we offer

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Golf simulators provide an immersive golfing experience, enabling players to practice their swings, play full rounds of golf, and even compete with friends or other golfers without leaving their home or office. They are particularly useful for golfers looking to improve their skills, enjoy time with family, and compete online with others.

$ 120/Month
  • Year-round play
  • Game improvement
  • Thousands of courses
  • Fun for all ages


Racing simulators cater to a wide range of audiences, from casual gamers looking for a more realistic racing experience to professional racing drivers using simulators as a training tool. They are commonly used for entertainment, e-sports competitions, driver training, and vehicle development and testing in the automotive industry.

$ 240/Month
  • Extremely realistic
  • Accurate physics
  • Sharpen skills
  • Tons of fun

home audio/visual

Elevate your home living with seamless technology integration. We handle everything from whole home audio & networking setup to home theater installation, ensuring your devices work together flawlessly.  We'll customize a solution to fit your needs and budget, leaving you free to enjoy the convenience and entertainment technology has to offer.

$ 300/Month
  • Versatility
  • Multi-room audio
  • Centralized control

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Jon Swim
Project Manager
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Ways To Improve Your Short Game
May 18, 2022

But the team has been super welcoming and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to join.

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Ten Hot Tips For The Grass Court Season
May 18, 2022

The experience of being the first designer at Ueno LA comes with a ton of excitement.

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